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Nature Paradisiacal

Who comes in Maceio, can not help but know the French Beach, well known for its soft white sand much loved by Brazilians and protected by rocky that allow the sea always stay clean and quiet. Suffice it to reach and surpass the rocks to find impressive waves that make the happiness of surfing lovers.

The animation you find in French, and different from Gunga beach, which despite being well equipped, turns out to be more savage with its kilometers of beach and lush vegetation made up of a multitude of Coqueiros. It is possible to rent a buggy and have fun, the entire journey in discovering wonderful landscapes. After having enjoyed a nice lunch at our regional and Italian restaurant, or after a good rest in front of our master suites enjoying the wonderful scenery offered by the pond, you can reach are Bar Miguel which is in the southern part of Maceio.

Maceió also offers many other well-organized beaches such as Jatiuca, Ponta Verde and Pajuçara which are valid alternatives to spend relaxing days on the beach, if instead prefer to rest and tranquility can not help but spend your time in our wonderful hostel.

Some of the most beautiful beaches of the south coast of Maceio:

Barra de São Miguel

This is considered the central beach in Maceio, with visitation by tourists but also by locals. Appeals to all tastes: divers, fishermen and swimmers when the tide is low and so its beautiful natural pools; and surfers, when the tide is high, forming waves seen as the best of Alagoas.

French Beach

Located in the city of Marechal Deodoro and pertinha Hotel Pousada Paradiso Tropical, several boardwalk receives from its most tourists in their kiosks and specialty stalls selling seafood and inns to rest. The left side, which has calm waters, is a great place for those who sail or use jet-ski; the right end, in contrast with its more choppy waves, attracts surfers. Guests of the hotels can take advantage of both sides.

Gunga Beach

One of the most popular postcards of the state of Alagoas. white sand coast, coconut trees and lush landscape, with natural pools in sand banks, kiosks, hostels, bars and leisure visitors.

The beauties of Maceio, not restricted only beaches and beautiful hotels. old buildings from the colonial era, make up its landscape and reveal the historical importance of the city of Marechal Deodoro, which features traces the origin of the Brazilian Republic, and was the first capital of the state of Alagoas, Marechal also had the privilege of being the birthplace of first president of the country: Deodoro da Fonseca.

After enjoying the beautiful beaches and the hostel services, tourists can know another good option, that is the best of Brazilian crafts. One of the best neighborhoods in Maceió to appreciate the craft market, is called "Pontal da Barra" known also for its lace makers agile hands. The neighborhood offers its exclusive craft market, with kitchen items, clothing and the famous memories of the tours. Outas fairs and major mercadões that stand long been present on the beach of Pajuçara, the tourist has the possibility of acquiring decoration products made from straw, cloth, clay, wood and even seeds, traditional items of Maceió, Alagoas.