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  • Carro Quebrado
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Tours On the North Coast of Maceió


Situated 27 km north of Maceio, Paripueira brings one of the largest coastal state and is an excellent option for relaxation. One of the main attractions of Paripueira are more than 20 natural pools found in its coastline, about 2 km from the coast. Considered the best preserved of Alagoas, the region enchants for its beauty, where you can find a wide variety of fish, corals and other marine species.

Mermaid Beach

Mermaid Beach, located in the neighborhood Riacho Doce, in Maceió and is so called because of a sculpture with the mythical figure of a mermaid is fincanda a natural reef. quiet beach Mid extension, is considered one of the corners of the city because of its natural beauty.

Broken Car

Broken car is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. The origin of the name comes from the story of a car that had jammed the access road, being completely corroded by the high tide. Virtually deserted, has only a few fishermen's houses on the edge even. The sand is fine and clear, colorful cliffs sheltering the tips. With coconut trees and strong waves. The most practiced sport in the place is walking.


Maragogi It is equidistant about 125 km from Maceio and Recife, making it easy to access from these two important cities in northeastern Brazil. Delimits to the east by the Atlantic Ocean, west of Porto Calvo and Jacuípe to the south by the municipality of Japaratinga and north by the Pernambuco municipality of São José da Coroa Grande.

Barra de Santo Antonio

Between Maceio and Maragogi, Barra de Santo Antonio also houses the deserted stone beaches onion and Trough tip; and the island of Croa, dotted with pools and reached by ferries. Famous for its events like carnival, June festivals, arrival of summer (September) and party patron Saint Sebastian (January).