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Tours On the south coast of Maceio

Bar Pontal

Pontal da Barra has a country town aspect. Only the movement of vehicles on weekend breaks this monotony and leads to the neighborhood dozens of tourists who will know and acquire the typical Alagoas crafts. The sea breezes and pond provide a pleasant atmosphere to its visitors. Fishermen tell their amazing stories while housewives preparing lunch based on fish and crustaceans. Also do not waste time, leaning on craftsmanship, concocting towels, bedspreads, dresses blouses rugs and other typical objects, appreciated by all who visit the neighborhood, either tourist or resident of Maceio.

* Ride value for people: $ 10.00.

New Toolbar (Prainha)

New bar is a town of Marechal Deodoro, quiet place for those who enjoy a good rest and enjoy a beautiful landscape.
The most frequented site of Barra Nova is the small beach, there tourists always delight with its crystal clear warm waters. It is impossible not to be charmed by such beauty.

* Ride value for people: $ 10.00.

French Beach

Region inhabited by Caetés Indians at the time of colonization, the natural inhabitants of Pindorama, the Land of Palmeiras. For its strategic natural harbor, the beach served as a haven for pirate ships, originally French, who were exploiting the abundant Pau-Brazil in the vast Atlantic Forest of the colonial era.
Beach belonging to the municipality of Marechal Deodoro, Proclaimer cradle of the republic, as well as the Marechal Floriano Peixoto, former president of Brazil and famous for his warlike achievements.
One of the most popular beaches of Alagoas, in the cove you can dive, boating, banana boating and even ultra-light. There are several huts with appetizers, seafood etc.

* Ride value for people: $ 15.00.

Pajuçara Beach

The beauty of Pajuçara cove creates expectations ... rafts Dozens are awaiting visitors to a tour of the natural pools 02 km from the waterfront. When low tide, several pools are formed by coral reefs and warm waters, calm and incredibly clear, concentrated several species of colorful fish to move freely. The Pajuçara edge is complete infrastructure. They are sports courts, restaurants, hotels and various craft centers.

* Ride value for people: $ 15.00.

Barra de São Miguel

Much of the beach has an extensive barrier reef, which, at low tide, tames the sea, forming a huge natural pool of calm and crystalline waters, ideal for swimming and diving. Where there is no protection of the reefs, the waves, strong, they are conducive to surfing. Hotels, bars, restaurants, condos and vacation homes are part of the landscape.

* Ride value for people: R $ 20.00.

Gunga Beach

It is a tip of white sand that moves offshore. The fascinating beach, highlighted by vast coconut plantations, witness the union of river and lagoon with the Atlantic Ocean - an enchanting panorama. The Gunga beach has a new structure and administration! Now has access to its own road, down next to the gazebo ... We bathroom in all the bars! And more than 8 bathrooms on the beach, 02 to the guides, scattered showers in the bars, security cameras, controlled parking buggy and ATV, such rules in the beach sand. Finally an organized and supervised structure.

* Ride value for people: R $ 25,00