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Italian Restaurant, Regional and Pizzeria

The restaurant of our guesthouse stands out for its great regional food and the best Italian food. Providing predominantly classic dishes, it also reflects a regional menu of Abruzzo, the home state of the owners, which includes the "chitarra" made pasta typical of the land hand, we still find the real lasagna (timballo) the best gnocchi (gnocchi) in order the best school of first dishes, prepared with passion and wisdom, respecting fully the tradition of their own origin.

The restaurant is also very appreciated by the Brazilian people, who can choose and assaborear the flavors of regional cuisine of Maceió, both based fish but as well as meat, highlight was our wonderful fish stew, typical dish of the region, based sauce the coconut accompanied by good vegetables, and file of dourado.O restaurant also received much praise for his filet the parmigiana, prepared using the best meat market and the filet mignon.

Our steak is also accompanied by a juicy noodle cousin to the tomato based sauce and cooked on the criteria of Italian cuisine.
The pizza deserves a chapter apart, because our restaurant is one of Italian dishes choicest of a heterogeneous clientele who appreciate the true taste of a pizza prepared with tradition; with a slow increase in mass, a cooking which remains anchored to the Neapolitans canons, really true products that are indispensable to the success of a seemingly simple food, but must respect a few essentials. Finally, the skilled cotura pizza out steaming the wood oven, ready to be enjoyed with great satisfaction.